Chat 2 Pay

To use the Chat 2 Pay node in Chat Flow, you must be subscribed to Clickatell's Transact package. Contact our Sales Team for more information.
The Chat 2 Pay node allows you to send a payment request to a customer directly from within the workflow. The link is sent to customers via the chat channel, and the customer can follow the link to complete a secure payment. The outcome of the payment (success/failure) is shared with the customer and the Chat Flow application, and the workflow continues with the next step.
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Sending a payment request via Chat Flow

To trigger a new payment request as part of your workflow in Chat Flow:
  1. 1.
    Drag-and-drop the Chat 2 Pay node into your workflow.
  1. 2.
    Configure the node and save.
Setup of a Chat 2 Pay node
Example flow containing Chat 2 Pay node

Add Order Numbers

Flow-builders can either let Chat Flow generate an order number automatically or use a custom order number specific to their business based on an API call.
  • If you select to auto-generate order numbers, these are available as variables to be used in the workflow.
Enable auto-generation of order numbers which can be referred to later in the workflow.
  • For custom order numbers, use an API Integration node before the Chat 2 Pay node and refer to the result of the API call as shown in the example below.
Use an API Integration node before the Chat 2 Pay node. In this case, the name of the node is "OrderNumber".
In the Chat 2 Pay node, refer to the result of the API Integration node (which we called "OrderNumber" in this case) to generate your custom order number.