Chat Flow Overview

Available on our Interact and Transact packages only.

What is Chat Flow?

Chat Flow is a web-based visual interface that allows you to quickly and collaboratively design and deploy conversational experiences across multiple messaging applications and connect them to your organization's core functional APIs with little to no coding experience.

  • Channels currently supported on Chat Flow: WhatsApp, SMS, USSD, Apple Messages for Business.

  • Recommended web browser: Google Chrome.

  • Devices supported: Laptops and desktops; not mobile devices or tablets.

The main features include:

  • Creating and modifying conversational workflows via a simple drag-and-drop interface.

  • Using the built-in Previewer to test workflows before deploying them to the messaging channel.

  • Deploying workflows across one or more messaging channels.

  • Setting up keywords to trigger workflows and create relationships between workflows.

  • Initiate conversations with customers by sending WhatsApp message templates.

  • Setting up 3rd party APIs that can be triggered from within any workflow.

  • Making use of variables to personalize the user journey.

  • Customizing the approval path per your organization's policies.

  • Seamlessly handing over conversations from Chat Flow workflows (bot-based conversation) to a human agent using Clickatell's Chat Desk.

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