Chat Desk Overview

Available on our Interact and Transact packages only.

What is Chat Desk?

Chat Desk is an easy-to-use web-based application that enables real-time communication with your customers via a single web interface. It allows your customers to contact you via multiple channels while your customer service agents manage and respond to these customer messages from one, central web-based agent desk. Chat Desk also makes monitoring queries, chats, agent performance, and SLAs easier so you can ensure your customers are receiving the best and most efficient service.

  • Channels currently supported on Chat Desk: WhatsApp, SMS.

  • Recommended web browser: Google Chrome.

  • Devices supported: Laptops and desktops; not mobile devices or tablets.

The main features include:

  • Chat Desk Dashboard (for supervisors only)

    • Monitor agent performance and availability.

    • View customers' engagement behavior.

    • Configure various account settings and preferences.

    • Set up and manage departments.

    • Download transcripts.

    • Launch the Supervisor Desk and Agent Desk.

  • Supervisor Desk (for supervisors only)

    • Agent management – add, edit and remove agents and departments.

    • Agent scheduling – manage your agents, define agent chat capacity, and describe how chats should be routed.

    • Real-time dashboard to review chat activity and agent performance.

    • Management of Chat Desk preferences, e.g., brand colors and logo, transcripts, auto-responders, expiration durations, etc.

    • Set up customer surveys and tagging systems.

  • Agent Desk (for agents to engage with end-users across multiple chat channels in real-time)

    • Two-way rich media support (e.g. PDF, Microsoft docs, images, videos, voice notes).

    • Location sharing.

    • Using canned replies.

    • Payment requests via Chat 2 Pay.

    • Chat history retrieval and note creation on tickets.

    • Ability to transfer chats to other agents/departments.

    • View customer details from 3rd party applications.

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