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At Clickatell, we're obsessed with helping brands create commerce experiences their customers love in the messaging channels they already use daily.

Our Chat Commerce Platform is an end-to-end customer communication, engagement, and payment acceptance solution that helps your business connect, interact, and transact with your customers on mobile messaging channels. It enables you to deliver innovative digital services normally found in mobile apps or on the web, through deep integration to your back-end systems and third parties.

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Connect, interact, and transact with customers

Clickatell's Chat Commerce Platform is offered in three packages. Each package includes channel access, a set of applications, features, and functionalities, a monthly message bundle, data, reporting and analytics tools, account management services, comprehensive customer support, and customer enablement services to ensure successful solution implementation and deployment.

Each consecutive package builds on the last, adding richer features and functionalities. Additional upgrades and extra features allow you to configure the standard packages further.

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Discover Capabilities

Explore how the Chat Commerce Platform's capabilities can benefit your customers and your business:

Send & receive text messages globally.

Create custom messaging campaigns within minutes.

Design & deploy automated conversational experiences (chatbots) across multiple chat applications.

Enable real-time communication with your customers via a single web interface.

Accept payments from your customers in their favorite messaging channels.

Leverage AI technologies to understand customer intent and deliver accurate, contextually relevant responses.

Integrate other applications and platforms to make messaging with customers more effective.

Make more effective data-driven decisions based on real-time reporting for each of your applications.

Discover Messaging Channels

Explore how you can deploy the powerful capabilities of our Chat Commerce Platform across your customers' favorite messaging channels:

Send and receive text messages globally using our SMS APIs.

Enhance customer experiences with our WhatsApp Business API.

Use the full power of Apple messaging to engage and transact with your customers via the Messages app and Apple Pay.

Cost-effective and scalable enterprise solution to engage and transact with your customers in emerging markets.

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