Search, filter, and sort chats & tickets

Search and filter live chats

Supervisors can:

  • Search for a customer.

  • Filter by channel.

  • Filter by chat sentiment.

  • Filter by flagged chats.

  • Filter by pending chats.

Using the search and filter functions in the panel on the left, you can also search for a specific agent or filter by department.

Search, filter, and sort closed chats

In the Closed tab, select whether you want to search/filter all closed chats, or only that of a specific agent.

You can:

  • Search chats

  • Filter on date range

  • Filter on channel and sentiment

  • Sort on customer satisfaction ratings and chat end dates

Search, filter, and sort tickets

In the Tickets tab, select whether you want to search/filter your Unassigned, Assigned, or Closed tickets. You can:

  • Search tickets.

  • Filter on date range.

  • Filter on channel and sentiment.

  • Sort on date when the ticket was opened, assigned, or closed.

  • For Closed tickets, you can select to view only those closed by yourself.

  • Select Unassigned tickets and assign it to agents or close them.

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