View customer details from 3rd party applications

As an agent, you can view information about your customers as fetched from the 3rd party applications integrated with Clickatell (e.g., Salesforce, Zendesk Sell, Zendesk Support, Shopify) while engaging with them in Chat Desk.

View customer details in Chat Desk

  1. Select a Live, Pending, or Tagged chat.

  2. If the customer you are engaging with is also present in any of the active 3rd party providers set up in your Clickatell account, an Integrations tab appears in the panel on the right.

  3. Select the Integrations tab. It shows the integration providers that this customer has been added to.

  4. Select a provider.

  • Customer details are only visible for ongoing chats (i.e., Live, Pending, Tagged) and not for tickets or closed chats.

  • This is only available for the 3rd party integrations that have been configured in the Clickatell Portal.

  • The Integrations tab only appears if the customer is also present on one of your active providers.

  1. The following sections are shown for the respective providers:

The fields you see under each of these sections can be configured in the Chat Desk Settings by a Supervisor/Admin user.

  • Shopify

    • Customer Profile Details

    • Customer Order Details for all orders

  • Zendesk Support

    • Customer Profile Details

    • Customer Ticket Details for all tickets (ordered with the most recent at the top)

  • Zendesk Sell

    • Customer Profile Details

  • Salesforce

    • Customer Profile Details

    • Customer Case Details for all cases

  1. Select a Ticket/Order/Case to view its details as retrieved from the provider.

Click the Show All Details button to show any hidden fields.

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