Initiate WhatsApp conversations

You need to follow the below guidelines when initiating conversations with your customers via the WhatsApp channel.

Business-initiated conversations

When initiating a conversation with customers via WhatsApp, you have to use a WhatsApp message template. This starts the conversation, but the customer needs to respond to the message template to give consent for the interaction and open the conversation window.

Once the conversation window is open, your business can freely communicate with the customer using free text messages (i.e., not a template) for a period of 24 hours.

WhatsApp message templates go through an approval process before they can be used for sending. Find out more about WhatsApp message templates, template types, and how they are used here.

Business-initiated conversations via template messages can be used for:

  • Time-sensitive notifications, e.g., flight status changes

  • Shipping order or delivery status updates

  • Two-factor authentication codes

  • Payment updates

  • And many more

Customer-initiated conversations

When customers initiate conversations with your WhatsApp Business account, a message template is not required. The fact that the customer initiated the conversation automatically provides consent for interaction between them and your business.


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