You can configure easy-to-use commands that your WhatsApp customers can see by typing a forward slash (/) in a message thread with your business. This can be used at any point during the conversation.

Commands consist of the command itself and a hint to give the customer an idea of what can happen when they use the command.

For example, you can define the command:

/imagine - Create images using a text prompt

When a WhatsApp user types /imagine cars racing on Mars it triggers a received message webhook with that exact text string assigned to the body property. You could then generate and return an image of cars racing on the planet Mars.

When a customer taps a command, the command is pre-filled in the text field. The customer then sends it as a normal text message. You can set up a keyword trigger to create any follow-up bot messages.

  • You can define up to 30 commands.

  • Each command can have a maximum of 32 characters.

  • Each hint can have a maximum of 256 characters.

  • Emojis are not supported.

  • Can be used anywhere during a conversation.

Use Cases and Examples

Below are some examples of when and how commands can be used.

ScenarioExample of a commandExample of a hint

Order status check: Let customers quickly enquire about their order's status, streamlining customer service.


Check the status of your recent order

Product catalog access: Provide customers with instant access to your product catalog, facilitating a seamless browsing experience.


View our product catalog

Customer support ticket: Let customers initiate a support ticket directly for faster problem resolution.


Create a support ticket

Account balance inquiry: Allow customers to more conveniently retrieve their account balance.


Check your account balance

Event notifications: Notify customers of upcoming events or special occasions.

/upcoming events

Find information on the latest events happening

Account information: Enable customers to retrieve basic account information or updates.


View your account details

Subscription management: Businesses offering subscription services can allow new customers to subscribe via a command.


Manage your subscription preferences

Feedback submission: Encourage customers to give feedback on your products or services, improving customer engagement and business processes.


Share your feedback with us


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