Add & manage WhatsApp Business profiles

A Business Profile is what your customers use to communicate with your business and is linked to a specific profile name and number.

If your business is verified, you can add up to 25 Business Profiles to a WhatsApp Account.

For every new Business Profile, you have to go through the same application process.

You can use your Business Profile to interact with customers only if:

  1. Your profile name and number have been approved and verified.

  2. You've purchased a subscription (Connect Lite only).

  3. You've connected the Business Profile to an API that has been promoted to the Production environment.

Add a new Business Profile

  1. Navigate to My Workspace -> WhatsApp and select the account to which you want to add the new business profile.

  1. Click + New Business Profile and follow the steps as prompted by the setup wizard.

Manage your Business Profiles

  1. Navigate to My Workspace --> WhatsApp and select the WhatsApp Account from the table.

  2. Select the Business Profile from the table.

    • This opens the WhatsApp Profile Details page.

  • You can connect an API to the business profile only once the profile is active.

  • A "deactivated" status could indicate that the number connected to this profile has been deleted from your Meta Business Manager. You'll need to add this profile again from scratch.


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