WhatsApp Commerce Messages

Your businesses can present and showcase your products to customers via the WhatsApp channel. Customers can then add selected items to a cart and submit the order to your business.

To make use of this feature, you need:

  • The Transact package.

  • Workflows set up in Chat Flow.

  • An active WhatsApp subscription.

The WhatsApp Commerce feature in action:

How does it work?

  1. Create a catalog in the Facebook Business Manager Commerce Platform (see how).

    • You can upload only one catalog per WhatsApp Business Account (WABA).

    • The same catalog can belong to multiple phone numbers.

  2. Upload an inventory to the catalog.

  3. Connect the catalogue to your WABA.

  4. Use the Multi Product node in Chat Flow to present the catalog of items to your customers via WhatsApp.

    • You can present up to 30 items from your business's inventory to customers at a time.

    • Customers can view more information and an image for each item.

    • Customers can add items to their cart and send the shopping cart to your business.

    • You can define the next step after receiving the shopping cart (e.g., requesting delivery info or giving payment options).

Clickatell does not upload or manage your business inventory/catalog. This is managed by yourself in the Meta environment and linked to our Chat Flow application as described here.

The images below indicate how a catalog is presented to the customer in WhatsApp.


When the customer submits their cart from within WhatsApp, Chat Flow receives this new message type that contains additional content like the SKU (product ID), quantity, and price per item as part of the payload. Chat Flow then calculates the order total to be used when the customer pays via our Chat 2 Pay services. Once Chat Flow receives a successful payment status back from Chat 2 Pay, we'll pass the order confirmation to you for processing and fulfillment.

Ask a Product Question

Customers can engage with you and ask questions about your products. As part of your "WhatsApp Commerce onboarding" process, Chat Flow will create a placeholder "Ask a Product Question" flow, allowing the flow-builder to build out the experience and behavior you want. For example, you may want to direct these questions to your FAQ bot first or add a Chat Desk node and transfer the customer to a live agent to answer product-related questions.

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