Use interactive buttons in message templates

When creating your template in Facebook Business Manager, you can add one of two types of interactive buttons to your template:

A template can have a mixture of up to 10 buttons in total. Limitations may apply to individual buttons of the same type, as well as to the combination of buttons allowed.

Call to action buttons

This allows your customer to call a phone number, visit a website, or copy a code with the tap of a button.

From the drop-down select the type of action button you want to add:

Visit Website

When tapping this button, the customer is directed to the specified website in their device's default browser.

The website URL is expected in the format:

  • Static URL: http(s)://

  • Dynamic URL: http(s)://{{1}}

  • Only two URL buttons per template are allowed.

  • All variables (e.g., {{1}}) are set when sending the message via One API, where you can specify the parameters in the payload.

Call Phone Number

When tapping this button, a call is initiated from the customer's device to the specified number.

  • Specify the country linked to the phone number.

  • Enter the phone number in the international format, e.g. “+14111111111”.

  • Only one phone number button per template is allowed.

Copy Offer Code

When tapping this button, a text string ("code") is copied to the customer device's clipboard.

  • Templates are limited to one copy code button.

  • Coupon code templates are currently not supported by WhatsApp Web.

  • Codes are limited to 15 characters.

  • Button text cannot be customized.

Quick reply button

These custom text-only buttons allow your customer to respond quickly with a custom, pre-defined text message. When tapping this button, the customer sends the response to the business as part of the conversation.

From the drop-down select the type of action button you want to add:

  • Custom

  • Marketing opt-out (Marketing templates only)

    • Adding the optional "Opt-Out" quick-reply button gives your end-users an easy way to opt out of all marketing messages.

    • Note that it is still your responsibility to remove these customers from your contact list.

  • The quick-reply button text can be a maximum of 25 characters long.

  • The text on every button used in a template must be unique.

If using quick reply buttons with other buttons, buttons must be organized into two groups: quick reply buttons and non-quick reply buttons. If grouped incorrectly, the API will return an error indicating an invalid combination.

If a template has more than three buttons, two buttons appear in the delivered message and the remaining buttons can be seen when tapping See all options.


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