On-behalf-of (OBO) model

As of June 2022, Clickatell implemented the WhatsApp Business account sharing model (a.k.a. embedded signup) whereby you own the WhatsApp Business account and share it with us. If you've applied for a WhatsApp Business Account after this date, please refer to this section for steps to create message templates.

In the OBO model (pre-June 2022), Clickatell owns the account and sends messages on behalf of your business. Follow the steps below to create templates if you are on this model.

Create a custom message template (OBO)

To take full advantage of all template functionality, you need to be business verified. You can create a limited number of templates in an unverified business state.

  1. Navigate to My Workspace --> WhatsApp and select a WhatsApp account from the table.

  1. Click the + New Template button and select the type of template you want to use from the drop-down:

  1. Complete the required details.

  2. Click Submit.

    • Your templates are reviewed by Clickatell first and then by WhatsApp.

You cannot edit your template once you've submitted it for approval.

  1. The template appears in your table of message templates (My Workspace -> WhatsApp).

    • The template status of "Pending" changes to "Active" once approved by WhatsApp.

  2. Your template is now ready to use.

Add an open 2-way conversation template

These templates are used to initiate two-way conversations with your customers.

  1. Follow the steps above and select "Open 2 way conversations" as the template type.

  2. Enter the required details and preview the template on the right.

  3. Click Submit.

Note that Authentication template categories are not currently supported by Clickatell. Marketing and Utility template categories are supported.

Add a Chat 2 Pay template

Only available on Transact.

To use our Chat 2 Pay application, you require two message templates, i.e., "payment request" and "confirmation" messages.

We've added these two pre-approved message templates to save you time and improve the chances that your templates will be approved by WhatsApp. All you have to do is link them to the Chat 2 Pay product.

You cannot edit any of the content within these two templates

  1. Follow the steps above and select "Chat 2 pay" as the template type.

  2. Enter your company name.

  3. You can preview the two templates at the bottom.

  4. Click Submit.


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