WhatsApp Business

Available to all Clickatell clients.

Clickatell's WhatsApp Business solution enables companies to deliver secure, engaging customer support globally through the world's leading messaging channel. As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), Clickatell helps businesses set up and leverage the WhatsApp Business API to drive better consumer engagement. The Chat Commerce Platform enables advanced messaging functionality through access to the WhatsApp Business API as part of our cloud-hosted platform and allows sending up to 500 messages per second.

See our comprehensive WhatsApp User Guide for details on using WhatsApp messaging.

✨ Benefits of Clickatell’s WhatsApp offering

  • Supercharged service delivery and customer support using the Chat Commerce Platform to automate and orchestrate great customer experiences via the WhatsApp interface.

  • Reuse of integration across multiple touchpoints.

  • Access to the latest WhatsApp Business API features.

  • Access to subject matter experts and WhatsApp beta programs.

📱WhatsApp Features

Text messages

  • Plain text messages

  • Rich text messages

  • URL preview

Interactive messages

  • List messages

  • Reply buttons

  • Call-to-action buttons

  • Location request

Commerce messages

  • Multi-product messages

  • Product catalog template

  • Shopping cart experience


  • Images

  • Audio

  • Document

  • Video

  • Voice notes

Message templates

  • Text message templates

  • Language packs

  • Media message templates

  • Interactive message templates


  • Location sharing

  • Contact sharing

  • Ads That Click to WhatsApp

  • Conversational components (Icebreakers and Commands)

  • Business read receipt

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