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Available as an upgrade on the Interact and Transact packages. An annual base fee is applicable, as is a usage fee charged by the number of intents passed to the service.

πŸͺ„ What is Clickatell AI?

Clickatell AI is a conversational virtual assistant built on a hosted large language model (LLM) and pre-trained on specific information provided by the business. It lets customers ask questions and extract accurate answers from either a bot or a live agent (assisted by the AI).

The service is available across the Clickatell platform, retaining the history of interactions while ensuring a robust per-customer divide in data.​ It is channel-agnostic and can be used across business divisions.

βœ… Benefits to your business

  • Scale customer service: Clickatell AI learns in real time and improves the quality of customer engagement while reducing time and effort for manual bot programming.​

  • Increase conversions & revenue: Businesses can serve more customers at scale with personalized, automated responses while offering innovative user experiences.​

  • Improve customer satisfaction: Better customer service experiences lead to better customer satisfaction and improved CSAT/NPS scores.​ Get customers what they want and enable agents to deliver better answers.

  • Reduce business costs: Clickatell AI eliminates the need for costly developer hours for manual bot programming.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»Clickatel AI Use Cases


Assisted, live agent messaging in Chat Desk: Provide live agents with suggested responses, to customer queries, in natural language, in near real-time.​

Example: A user sends a message to a live agent. The incoming message is sent to Clickatell AI, which processes it in combination with customer context and previous interactions and returns a recommended response that the agent can either send as is or edit before sending.


Automated, self-service messaging in Chat Flow​: Provide accurate answers to company-specific questions, in natural language, autonomously.

Example: A user asks a question about the company anywhere within the chat session. The AI chatbot finds the most relevant information about the question (from the information supplied) and responds with a unique answer.

πŸ”‘ Overview of the service

  • Trained on your information: Businesses can fine-tune the model’s responses by uploading their own information, enabling customer-tailored responses and significantly reducing hallucinations.

  • Continuous learning: Clickatell AI learns in real time, enhancing its own capabilities over time. This reduces the reliance on costly LLM calls for every interaction while reducing the need for manual bot programming.

  • Built to be modular: This allows the service to be extended as needed, as well as hot-swappable between components, integrations, technologies, and language models.​

  • Support for multiple LLMs: LLMs are trained on different datasets and have different strengths. To utilize this, we support multiple LLMs and configurations.

πŸ€– Generative AI vs NLP/ML

NEW: Generative AI enables the creation of new, human-like outputs that align with the provided context or prompt. It is built on LLMs (Large Language Models) pre-trained on vast amounts of general data from across the internet.​ LLMs are a subset of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and, with deep neural networks and advanced algorithms like transformers, deliver generative AI capabilities.​

LEGACY: Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the cornerstone of how machines understand human language, using machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze language data provided.​ Its applications range from automating routine tasks, optimizing search engines, and classifying documents to analyzing social media content.​ It is labour-intensive and time-consuming.​

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