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Deliver better customer service experiences with Chat Desk.

Included in the Interact and Transact packages.

πŸ—£ What is Chat Desk?

Chat Desk is Clickatell’s easy-to-use customer support software that enables real-time, live agent communication with customers on multiple messaging channels via a single web interface.

Chat Desk integrates seamlessly with Chat Flow, Clickatell's self-service chatbot builder, for businesses that want to deliver both automated messaging and human support agents.

Chat Desk also makes monitoring queries, chats, agent performance, and SLAs easier to ensure customers receive the best and most efficient service.

See our comprehensive Chat Desk User Guide for details on using the application.

πŸ’¬ What channels are supported?

Chat to your customers in real-time on one or more of the following messaging channels:

πŸ”‘ What features are included?

  • Help desk support (web app)

  • Call deflection

  • Auto responses

  • Supervisor view

  • Department management

  • Agent transfer

  • Agent assist (comments)

  • Customer profile

  • Chat queue management

  • Chat management

  • Media sharing

  • Location sharing

  • Chat surveys

Contact our Sales Team to discover how Chat Desk can streamline your customer service!

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