Apple Messages for Business

Available on the Interact and Transact packages.

Apple Messages for Business (AMB) enables direct customer communication through the Messages app, allowing businesses to use the full power of Apple’s messaging framework to resolve issues, schedule appointments, make purchases, and process payments. Apple must review and approve every AMB implementation, and both live agent (Chat Desk) and automated support (Chat Flow) capabilities are required.

✨Benefits of Clickatell’s Apple Messages for Business

  • Easy setup and management of rich and interactive customer journeys.

  • Integrated solution allowing re-usability of integration across multiple touchpoints.

  • Ability to manage both automated and assisted journeys through one platform.

  • Seamless updates with new version releases require no investment or development funding.

📱Apple Messages for Business Features

Text messages

  • Plain text messages

  • Rich text messages

  • URL preview

Interactive messages

  • List picker

  • Quick-reply buttons

  • Time picker

  • Form messages

  • iMessage app


  • Audio (.caf)

  • Documents (.doc, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .ics)

  • Passes (.pkpass)

  • Augmented reality (.usdz)

  • Supports images, videos & maps


  • Capability list

  • Tapbacks

  • Typing indicator

  • Intent-and group-based routing

  • Entry points

  • Closed conversations

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