Two-way conversational messaging.

Interact provides the conversational layer of the Chat Commerce Platform.

It includes everything offered in Connect plus additional features and applications that enable businesses to deliver rich, interactive two-way messaging experiences through self-service, automated with chatbots and app-like menu trees, or by messaging with live agents. Rich integration and orchestration capabilities make it possible to deliver digital services on messaging channels.

✅ Why Interact?

Messaging a self-service chatbot allows customers to find answers quickly, anytime. For more complex inquiries, live agent support integrates seamlessly, providing a human touch when needed. A powerful workflow builder enables sophisticated user experiences and delivers deep integration capabilities that connect existing business systems and powerful orchestration to ensure a smooth flow of customer interactions, engagement, and data across channels. A help desk web app offers a single interface for live agents to manage customer interactions.

🔑 Key features

All key features of Connect, PLUS:

  • Self-service chatbot

  • Live agent chat

  • Integration

  • Orchestration

🚀 What exactly do I get?

Compare our packages or contact our Sales Team to find out more!

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