User Portal

The Clickatell Portal is a central, web-based site where you can access and manage your Clickatell account and all your applications and messaging channels.

The image below shows the main sections of the Portal. Depending on your package, you'll have access to certain channels and applications and your view might differ slightly.

Products & Services

Applies to self-service clients only.

This tab shows information about all of Clickatell's applications and messaging channels. You can activate channels and applications and add them to your My Workspace tab.

My Workspace

This serves as the "main dashboard". View and manage all channels, applications, numbers, test phones, and API integrations on your Clickatell account.

Analytics & Reports

Learn more about Dashboards here.

Get an overview of the activities across your channels and applications. View key metrics and graphical data.

Account Settings

The Clickatell User Portal also provides access to:

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