Regional USSD

Not available for self-serve clients.

Clickatell's USSD gateway offers a reliable and secure channel for enterprises to engage with users in South Africa and Nigeria. As an aggregator, Clickatell provides API access to its managed USSD gateway, enabling enterprises to offer USSD-based services to their customers, while managing connections to the mobile network operators.

Clickatell offers two types of USSD products:

  • Mobile-initiated (MI): Also known as USSD Pull, the end-user initiates the USSD session on their handset.

  • Network-initiated (NI): Also known as USSD Push or Mobile Terminating USSD, the application starts the USSD session on the handset. Handsets handle the notification differently, but most handsets will beep and display the text sent by the application. This is often presented as an interactive menu end-users can respond to. USSD Push enables various use cases like subscriber surveys, payment verification, and marketing messages. (Available in selected territories and networks.)

Clickatell's USSD gateway integrates with additional Clickatell services, enabling non-technical staff to design rich automated experiences. Chat Flow allows visual creation and management of customer communications and workflows across multiple channels (SMS, USSD, WhatsApp). Additionally, Transactional APIs enable customers to purchase prepaid mobile, data, electricity, and even make donations.

See our comprehensive USSD User Guide for details on using USSD messaging.

✨ Benefits of Clickatell’s USSD offering:

  • Hosted solution significantly reducing the capital requirements and the need for in-house mobile technical skills.

  • Attractive volume-based per session tapered pricing.

  • Single point of contact for billing, technical, and operational areas.

  • A single secure access point across all networks (selected countries) and services.

  • Quality of service across the USSD value chain through active monitoring of USSD systems and carrier/client connections.

  • An enterprise-grade experience through a fully managed USSD connectivity service and enterprise-level support.

  • Reporting and analytics.

  • Ability to blacklist mobile numbers if not already blacklisted by the network operator.

  • Service code management.

  • Access to a subject matter expert.

  • USSD usage can be reverse-billed to the institution.

📱USSD Features

  • USSD gateway configuration

  • Network-initiated interactive messaging

  • Mobile-initiated interactive messaging

  • USSD service code acquisition

  • Reporting

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