Global SMS

Available to all Clickatell clients.

Clickatell's SMS channel offers reliable, scalable messaging for businesses to reach a global audience (230+ territories, 1000+ networks). It provides a range of features and use cases, including two-way messaging, data encryption, and more, enabling one-way or two-way brand engagement.

Available as a full-service SMS Gateway or via API with multiple integration options.

See our comprehensive SMS User Guide for details on using SMS messaging.

✨ Benefits of Clickatell’s SMS offering

  • Extensive global reach.

  • Business mobile-initiated or customer mobile-initiated SMS offering.

  • Cost-optimized or premium dedicated routing.

  • Central management of various in-country governance requirements.

  • Sender ID management and registration.

  • Seamless number acquisition and management.

  • Scalable message per second capacity can cater to large batch volumes and priority real-time sending.

  • Access to subject matter experts with global industry experience.

📱SMS Features

  • Standard 160-character GSM alphabet

  • Unicode 70-character alphabet with UTF-8 encoding

  • One- and two-way messaging

  • Multipart messages

  • Sandbox environment

  • Short codes

  • Long numbers

  • US 10LC registration process

  • Toll-free numbers (TFNs)

  • Sender ID

  • Reverse-billing

  • Parent/Child hierarchies

  • Do not contact (DNC) list

  • Send and receive receipts

  • Two-way messaging callbacks

  • Two-way status callbacks

  • Advanced messaging

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