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Send a message, receive a payment.

Included in the Transact package.

💸 What is Chat 2 Pay?

Clickatell makes it easy and convenient for customers to pay with a simple reply in their favorite messaging channel.

Chat 2 Pay lets you embed a payment link in an SMS or WhatsApp message that customers can use to submit their payment information on a secure Clickatell-hosted checkout page. This information is used when you process their payments via your payment processor/gateway. With our innovative tokenization and customer profile feature, repeat customers can simply reply with a text message to complete a purchase.

See our comprehensive Chat 2 Pay User Guide for details on using our in-channel payment capability.

💬 What channels & applications are supported?

Deliver in-channel payment experiences using the following channels and applications:

🔑 What features are included?

  • Payment acceptance

  • Payment link

  • Hosted checkout

  • Tokenization

  • Product catalog

  • Branded order page

  • Messaging checkout

  • Account authentication

  • Customer profile

  • Fraud & risk management

  • Reconciliation

  • Accept major credit cards

  • Merchant onboarding

  • Chargebacks

  • Refunds

  • MID & key management

Please contact our Sales Team to discover how you can bring chat commerce to life!

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