WhatsApp Campaign Manager

With over two billion users worldwide and an average open rate of 98%, WhatsApp is a must-have channel in your conversational marketing mix. Clickatell's Campaign Manager for WhatsApp will quickly get you ramped up and running to start driving value from this channel.

See our comprehensive WhatsApp Campaign Manager User Guide for details on using the application.

✅ What can WhatsApp Campaign Manager do for you?

  • Simplify and personalize your marketing efforts.

  • Expand your reach by leveraging WhatsApp.

  • Optimize your results with quick campaign creation and robust analytics.

  • Improve customer engagement via rich two-way communication.

  • Onboard, set up, and execute campaigns immediately without integration.

  • Provide better customer service by setting up auto-replies and managing opt-outs.

  • Use pre-approved message templates for quicker turn-around time.

  • Track the progress and performance of your campaigns online.

🔑 What features are included?

  • Campaign manager (web app)

  • One- and two-way messaging

  • Campaign scheduling and management

  • Contact management

  • Message responses

  • Opt-out management

  • Template management

  • Auto-response

  • High-volume deliverability

  • Delivery logs

  • Engagement triggers

Contact our Sales Team to find out more about using our WhatsApp Campaign Manager!

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