Long numbers

In order to receive replies to the messages you send (i.e. two-way communication), you require a dedicated number. You can choose between using a long number or a short code.

What is a long number?

  • Can be up to 16 digits in length

  • Ideal if you want to receive replies but it’s not important that people easily remember your number (e.g. marketing campaigns, competitions, booking confirmations, and customer surveys)

  • Allows your business to receive replies from local and international destinations

  • Less expensive than short codes


All US long numbers must be registered on the 10DLC environment based on new regulations by The Campaign Registry.

You can register a brand and campaign for your US long numbers from within the Clickatell Portal itself. This is only required for US long numbers.

Also refer to these FAQs for more details on 10DLC and why it was introduced.

Purchasing a long number

Ensure that your billing details have been set up before purchasing a long number.

Navigate to My Workspace -> Long Numbers & Short Codes -> 'Get Long Number'

Alternatively, navigate to My Workspace --> SMS and click the 'Get Long Number' button under My SMS Numbers.

Complete the application wizard presented to you.

You can select multiple numbers per country, and you can also use the '+ Add Number' button to add numbers for multiple countries.

Select a subscription package and payment method.

Use the toggle to enable auto-renewal (i.e. your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription period).

Note: The auto-renewal option is only available if you've specifically given permission when you added the payment method.

Download a pro forma invoice as a PDF document (optional) and click 'Purchase' to confirm the purchase.

The new long number will now appear in your 'Long numbers & Short codes' table and will be available to link to an SMS setup.

Our stock of long numbers may sometimes run out as a result of large orders or other edge cases. In this case, you can complete either a:

  1. Request form when long numbers are out of stock

  2. Request form when long numbers are not available for a country

Once submitted, our teams get notified and will be in touch to assist you with your request.