Adding Chat 2 Pay

Available on our Transact package

For more detailed information on Chat 2 Pay, see the Chat 2 Pay User Guide. You can also consult our Chat 2 Pay FAQs.

Chat 2 Pay enables you to send a payment request to your customers via an SMS or WhatsApp message (see here for an example).

Your customer clicks on the URL embedded in the message to open a secure payment page where they can add a new or use a saved credit/debit card. This card is then used when you process their payments via your payment processor/gateway.

Chat 2 Pay currently supports the following systems:

Activate Chat 2 Pay

To activate the Chat 2 Pay product on your account, go to Products & Services -> Chat 2 Pay.

Click '+Activate Product'.

This adds Chat 2 Pay as a product on the My Workspace tab.

Go to My Workspace -> Chat 2 Pay.

This opens the Chat 2 Pay dashboard from where you can:

  • Configure one or more Production integrations

  • Configure one or more Sandbox integrations

  • Access a step-by-step user guide

See here for more details on configuring Chat 2 Pay