Clickatell Chat Commerce Platform

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The Clickatell Chat Commerce Platform is an end-to-end customer communication, engagement, and payment acceptance solution, that helps businesses connect, interact, and transact with their customers through mobile messaging. It is an enterprise-ready SaaS offering, delivering a comprehensive set of tools and features to enable businesses to deliver helpful, contextually relevant customer support and rich payments in messaging channels, at scale.

  • Engage customers with app-like messaging experiences

  • Switch between automated and live agent messaging​

  • Integrate deeply into business systems and 3rd-parties ​

You can use the Clickatell Platform by subscribing to one of three packages, each consisting of certain features and capabilities: Connect, Interact, and Transact.

Each package includes a platform subscription, a bundle of monthly messages, platform-specific apps and features, and package-specific message throughput and support levels.

Compare our packages and find the one that best suits your needs!