Chat 2 Pay

Available on our Transact package

Full Analytics

Get an overview of the Chat 2 Pay activity on your account. You can view it for a selected date range, channel, and/or integrator.

At the top of the page, several key metrics are presented, including:

  • Number of successful payments, their value, and the success rate

  • Number of unsuccessful payments, their value, and the unsuccessful payment rate

  • Number of attempted payments and their value

  • The processed value rate and missed opportunity rate

  • Number of payment links requested and clicked and the payment click rate

  • Number of payment URLs expired

The report can be downloaded as PDF by selecting 'Download Report' in the top right. If any filters were applied, only the filtered results are exported

View Definitions for terms used in this report via the button in the top right.

On the rest of the page, you can view various graphical representations of the payment data. Some examples are shown below.