SMS Campaign Manager

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with well-orchestrated campaign management. Campaign Manager lets you launch SMS campaigns in minutes, increasing customer conversion rates in a targeted and cost-effective manner.

✅ What can SMS Campaign Manager do for you?

  • Engage more of your customers, creating brand awareness and driving sales.

  • Grow your brand, making it more relevant and attractive to mobile-first customers.

  • Reach more customers and drive better results at lower business costs.

  • Communicate securely, reliably, and instantly with your customers.

  • Provide a single interface for business marketers to execute SMS campaigns.

  • Onboard, set up, and execute campaigns immediately without integration.

  • Engage with your customers via two-way communication and auto-replies.

  • Track the progress and performance of your campaigns online.

🔑 What features are included?

  • Campaign Management (new campaign, campaign templates, scheduling).

  • Message sending (single and bulk SMS messages).

  • Opt-In/Opt-Out Management (keywords, manage subscribed/unsubscribed numbers, new subscriber alerts).

  • Contact & List Management (add, import/export, edit contacts, and manage distribution lists/groups).

  • Subscription Management (set up & manage sent number and manage top-ups).

  • User Management (add, edit, delete users, manage user roles & permissions).

  • Reports/analytics (generate logs for inbox and outbox).

  • Tools (create short links, click counter, export short links, non-GSM character checker).

  • High volume deliverability (50 Transactions Per Second – for more contact your account manager).

  • Performance reporting.

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