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Messaging channels

Available on all packages.
You get access to the following channel-specific reports in the Clickatell Portal:
These reports can be downloaded as PDFs. If any filters were applied, only the filtered results are exported.
Where applicable, view Definitions for terms used in the reports via the button in the top right.

Full Analytics

Get a full view of all your channels' data over different periods.
  • Using the buttons at the top you can switch views between SMS, WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Message Templates.
  • For each view, you can filter the data based on Environment, Country, Date, and/or Template.
  • At the top, you'll find key metrics.
  • Scrolling down, you'll find graphical representations of the messaging data.

SMS Full Analytics

Example of the SMS channel view
Example of SMS graphs

WhatsApp Full Analytics

Example of the WhatsApp channel view
Example of WhatsApp graphs

WhatsApp Templated Report

Example of the WhatsApp templated messages view
Example of the WhatsApp templated messages graphs

Channels Report

Create, view, and download (PDF) custom reports based on your channel activity. This can be done for sent and received messages respectively.
Select the applicable filters and click Generate Report to generate the results in table format.
When selecting WhatsApp as a channel, you can also filter on specific message templates:

SMS Stop List

View and download (PDF) a list of the customers that opted out from your account's SMS channel for a specified date range.
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