Chats and tickets

You can toggle between three different chat types by selecting the relevant tab on the left:

In each tab, chats are grouped by agent with an indication of the total number of chats for that agent.

  • Select an agent from the list for a summary of their chats and interactions.

  • Select a specific chat for more detailed information about it and to view its history.

  • You can search or filter for a specific chat in each list.

Live chats

Lists all chats that are currently open. If you select a live chat, you can view the chat between the agent and customer in near real-time.

Supervisors cannot participate directly in the live chat, but they can add comments.

Add comments

  1. Navigate to the Comments tab on the right as shown below.

  2. Tag the agent using the @ sign to notify them of your comment.

See Chat details, history, and comments for more details on using the Comments function.

Assign a live chat

  1. Assign a live chat to a specific agent as shown below:

  1. Select the department and/or agent where you want to transfer this chat.

    • You can select a specific department, a specific agent within a department, or any specific agent (regardless of department).

Only agents that are currently online and available are listed in the drop-down.

  1. The pop-up automatically refreshes when it is first opened. Use the refresh button to refresh the list of available departments and agents manually.

You cannot transfer a live chat to a department where no agents are available to receive the chat.

  1. Click Assign.

Closed chats

Lists all chats that were closed by either the customer or the agent. You can select a closed chat to review it and reach out to the customer again if needed.

Reach out to customers via a closed chat

Select the closed chat and send a message via WhatsApp or SMS (depending on the channel the customer originally engaged on).

If outside the 24-hour contact window, pre-approved WhatsApp message templates are required for business-initiated customer engagement via the WhatsApp channel. Ensure you have WhatsApp templates set up in your user portal before contacting a customer on a closed ticket.

Each time a WhatsApp message template is sent, it initiates a new closed chat. When a customer responds to the message, template, it converts to a live chat with all subsequent messages appended to the live chat history. Once the live chat is closed, it is saved as a closed chat with the history starting from that specific WhatsApp template interaction. Any previous chat history with the customer is saved as a separate closed chat.

Live chat message history is retrieved based on the end user, while closed chat history is retrieved based on the chat ID, therefore one customer may have multiple closed chats.


Lists all chats that were received outside of business hours or when agents were unavailable. Tickets are grouped into one of the three categories below. You can view any ticket and message the customer similar to how you would with Closed chats.

  • Unassigned: Lists all tickets that have not been assigned to any agent yet.

  • Assigned: Lists all tickets that have been assigned to agents.

  • Closed: Lists all tickets that have been closed.

Read here for more information on assigning and closing tickets.

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