Ads that click to WhatsApp

Clickatell supports Ads That Click To WhatsApp on our WhatsApp channel. However, the ads themself need to be set up in your Facebook (Meta) Business Manager.

View documentation from Facebook (Meta) on how to set up ads that click to WhatsApp:

Step 1: Connect your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook Business page

Before setting up Ads That Click To WhatsApp, connect your WhatsApp account to your Facebook page and make sure you have admin access to the Facebook page.

Step 2: Create the ad campaign in Facebook Ads Manager

  1. Click on the green Create button.

  2. Create a new campaign with Messages selected as objective.

  3. Edit the Campaign Name and Campaign Details. If appropriate, you can declare your WhatsApp Ad as a Special Ad or set up an A/B test.

  4. Select Click to Message as the Ad Type and WhatsApp as the Messaging App.

  5. Select the Facebook page and WhatsApp number where you want to receive messages. Edit Budget, Schedule, Audience, Placements, Optimization, and Delivery.

  6. Choose your ad format under Ad Setup. You can opt for a single image/video or create a carousel ad with two or more scrollable images.

  7. In the Ad Creative section, you can add media. Images will be cropped automatically but you can manually edit them.

  8. Write the Primary Text and add an optional description. The headline will be populated with a default message, but you can edit it. You’ll see a preview of your ad on the right.

  9. Scroll down and click the + Create button under Message Template to create a new template.

  10. Write a Greeting message and FAQs to display to people after they tap on your ad. Note, the template will only be visible for certain ad placements. Click Save and Finish when you’re done.

  11. Finally, click Publish to launch the Ad That Click To WhatsApp.