View & edit API integrations

There are two types of API integrations you can set up in your Clickatell account:

  • Basic HTTP API - Ideal if you are planning on using SMS as your only channel.

  • One API - Allows you to utilize both WhatsApp and/or SMS channels without having to program them individually. Future-proof your implementation as Clickatell continues to add support for additional channels.

An API integration is created as part of the wizard when creating a new SMS or WhatsApp setup.

  • WhatsApp setups automatically make use of One API

  • With SMS setups, you can choose between the HTTP and One API

For more detailed information about our APIs, see our Developer Documentation website.

Navigate to My Workspace --> API Integrations for a list of all the integrations in your account.

To view and/or update the details of a specific API, select it from the table.

Click 'Update Changes' to save the edits you made.