Short codes

In order to receive replies to the messages you send (i.e. two-way communication), you require a dedicated number. You can choose between using a long number or a short code.

Since short codes require an application process and are not available immediately, we recommend that you apply for a short number first before adding a new SMS setup if you are planning on using a short code for your SMS communications.

What is a short code?

  • A memorable five or six-digit number

  • Ideal if you want to receive replies and it's important that people easily remember your number (e.g., SMS marketing campaigns, lead generation, and promotions)

  • Require an application process that may take up to 16 weeks to process.

Short codes are country-specific and can't be used if you want to receive messages from international customers.

Applying for a short code

Ensure that your billing details have been set up before purchasing a short code.

Navigate to My Workspace -> Long Numbers & Short Codes -> 'Get Short Code'

Alternatively, you can navigate to My Workspace --> SMS and click the 'Get Short Code' button under My SMS Numbers.

Complete the application wizard presented to you.

The details you supply during the application process will be used to apply for a standard-rated short code to use in the country you selected only, and includes information about the service you plan to offer via the short code.

Once you've completed all the required fields, click 'Submit'.

Depending on the country, it may take a couple of weeks for your short code to be processed.

You will be notified in your message center and via email once your short code application has been approved.

You have to pay a setup fee before you can start using your short code to send and receive messages.

When you navigate to My Workspace -> Long Numbers & Short Codes, you can also click on Add Now next to the approved short code to pay.