Add, view, and edit test phones

Add test phones to your account to test your setups in the Sandbox environment.

  • You can add a maximum of three test phones to your account.

  • The number of free test SMS messages you can send per account is limited to 10 per day with an overall maximum of 100 per month.

Add test phones

  1. Navigate to My Workspace --> SMS.

  2. Select Manage Test Phones.

  1. Select the country this phone number is registered in and add the number of the test phone (in international format).

  2. Click Add.

To verify that the number you've entered is valid, an OTP will be sent to the number that you've entered.

  1. Enter the OTP and click Submit PIN.

  2. If the PIN was entered correctly, the phone is added as a test phone to your account.

  1. To remove a test phone, simply click the "X" icon next to it.

If the test phone number has not been verified successfully, it will have a status of Unverified. You cannot use this number and have to remove it before trying to add it again.

Test phones can also be set up as part of the SMS setup wizard.​

View & edit test phones

  1. Navigate to My Workspace --> SMS.

  2. Under My SMS Numbers, a table lists all your long numbers and short codes.

  1. Select a number from this table to view its details, manage the API connected to it, and update the subscription linked to this number (Connect Lite only).​

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